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It all started in 2016 when Lee-Anne had a vision for being career-focused and being home with her kids. Having been working for an employment support agency, Lee-Anne expanded her skill set and found a niche in the market not currently being filled. The original goal was to have the best of both worlds, write cover letters and resumes while allowing her the flexibility to work her own schedule and never miss a beat with her kids. However, what Lee-Anne didn’t realize was that her knowledge and expertise would go beyond cover letters and resumes. Her passion for helping others transition from one career to another became the focus from which Geseron Employment Consulting Ltd. would be built.

Lee-Anne landed her first big break when she established relationships with the insurance industry and started offering them her services, expertise, and support. It was quickly realized that Lee-Anne could not only provide tools and support to others as they transitioned into new careers but that they were coming away from working with her feeling empowered, motivated, and confident. This led to a request for more services to be offered, and GEC quickly became a go-to for providing individualized services to clients across Canada. What started as a mom in her basement led to an opportunity for Lee-Anne to expand her reach and become an employer, taking on staff of her own. With the company growing rapidly, Lee-Anne recognized that she needed an extension of herself. That is when she met Kelly, and what was once one mom in her basement looking to build a business that cared became two moms in their basements working together to expand the reach of GEC, streamline our methods, manage our staff to ensure quality, and make a difference in the lives of others.

When GEC Began, All Services Were Offered Virtually.

GEC was established in 2016, never knowing how the virtual world would turn. I guess you could say we had a crystal ball back then, but really it was that we recognized the need for others to be supported from afar while taking into consideration that we worked with individuals in remote locations without access to community resource centers as well as those with mental and physical limitations that would prevent them from being able to travel outside of their home to access our services. So when COVID hit in 2020 and the world shut down, GEC did not. We were well-versed, equipped, and already a well-oiled machine in offering virtual services. Therefore, we did not miss abit and kept our clients moving forward while the world appeared to stand still.

We realized that the GEC then became much more than skill development but an opportunity to help people stay connected, continue to grow, and not feel so alone when the world presented so much uncertainty. And that, in a nutshell, shows how we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach and always have and will always be there to support our clients. With a rock-solid team and amazing staff, GEC continues to offer cover letter and resume writing but has grown to include career exploration, job search assistance, interview preparation, professional employee portfolio development, labour market research, transferable skills analysis reports, eLearning Professional Development with the aid of a vocational specialist, trades-based eLearning courses, job compatibility assessments, values/personal style assessments, assistive technology device training, computer skill upgrading, and more.  So, who are these two career-driven moms in their basement with the goal of building an empire?

Lee-Anne Geseron 

Lee-Anne Geseron is the proud owner of Geseron Employment Consulting Ltd. She is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Lee-Anne is also a Certified Interview Strategist, Employment Strategist, Resume Strategist, and Holistic Narrative Career Professional.  

Lee-Anne lives by the statement, “luck is simply hard work in disguise.” She has a strong desire to help others have confidence, build their skill sets, and set goals. Lee-Anne is a strong advocate for showing others how to chase their dreams and goals while maneuvering through the hardships and downfalls that come with life. She believes that everyone has the ability to rise up, show up, and push forward with the proper support, encouragement, and direction. As a business owner, she continues to build the business while creating a team that stands by GEC’s mission and vision.

Kelly McLean 

Kelly McLean is the Business Manager for Geseron Employment Consulting Ltd. She is a Registered Social Worker with an education background in Psychology, Social Welfare, and Social Work. Kelly has experience working in Housing/Homelessness, Employment Services, Domestic Violence, Addictions, and supporting Military Families. 

Kelly lives by the statement “be the change you want to see in the world”. She has a strong passion for helping and making a difference in the lives of others. Kelly firmly believes that no one is perfect and that there is always room for growth and development. She applies this to herself as well and is continuously seeking personal growth through educational opportunities, literature, and self reflection.


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